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How to sell your vinyl record collection

“Where can I sell my record collection?”

This question is simple but if you have dozens of sites in front of you it can seem a little confusing.

The first question you should ask yourself is, “am I still attached to them?”. Often, your collection has been stashed away for years, but when you retrieve them from the back of a cupboard somewhere old memories come alive.

Most people have a lot of memories attached to their records and can get quite attached when looking through their dusty collection. If you ask yourself whether you will still play the records and the answer is no then it is probably time to sell them. Also, the longer you store your records the higher the risk they might deteriorate. This is generally due to the damp environment they are stored in.

If you do decide to sell your collection then the next question is, “are they worth anything?”.

The value of vinyl is not generally determined by the quality of the music on them. It has more to do with the demand that has developed for certain artists, labels and most of all pressings. For example, Frank Sinatra is recognized as one of the greatest singers of all time. But in the record collecting world most of his records are worth very little in terms of money. There are collectible records in almost all genres, however.

Before you do anything you should do some research. On sites like (a database of vinyl record sales) you can track price development of many records. A word of caution, though: while prices might look great, there are dozens of variations for most records. These range from different pressings, issues and more. Sometimes a gem that looks like it’s worth thousands of dollars turns out to be worth nothing. Do your research.

Another thing that has a major influence on the value of a record is its condition. If a record that is mint fetches USD 1500 a copy in worse condition may be worth nothing at all. It all depends on context. Record collectors are extremely particular to the condition of the records they invest in.

There are two ways of selling your records one is to sell them yourself individually. Auction sites are the most common option for anyone wishing to sell their collection. If you provide a clear and accurate description of the item you are selling then you should not go wrong when auctioning your records. The negative side to selling your own records individually is firstly the work involved. Writing accurate descriptions, taking photos and loading them on to the auction site can take a long time very often with no success at the end. Many records on auction sites do not sell!

Your other option is to sell the collection to a dealer like us.

We offer premium prices and fair appraisals of big and small collections. Get in touch today if you want to make some serious money and have good stuff for sale!

April 29, 2021

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