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The Amazing World of Football Collectibles

As the saying goes, football collectibles are football souvenirs to be valued due to the memories attached to them. In some cases, it’s more about preserving sports history, to preserve the memory of legendary players. Players like George Best and Bobby Ball are some of the greats. Football come in all kinds of forms including mugs, pens, photos, posters and more.

Many football clubs sell an abundance of memorabilia items to true fans and significant returns. Not only do these collectibles generate income for the teams, but also helps families of players who are either retired or otherwise no longer active in the sport.

Signed photographs are among the most popular type of memorabilia. There’s a huge following of people that spend hard cash on all types of memorabilia items. Some even buy old tickets connected to a specific date or year, it’s a fascinating market.

Much of your memorabilia will probably increase in value the coming years and can serve you as a solid investment. This even includes simple program brochures, there are dozens of collectors buying those too. Especially programs signed by legendary players are a great asset and fetch tidy sums on a regular basis.

So, dear brethren, let’s keep hoarding and grow our collections!

Ray Sanchez
April 30, 2021

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