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• Established 2007 •


Gold Coins: Real Metal – Real Wealth

The numbers speak for themselves: For more than 5000 years, gold coins have been the true refuge of wealth. While currencies have come and gone, gold has stayed. Paper money is no contender to the true king of wealth.

Once again, gold coins are a popular safe haven for investment and investors are eager to get in. In the midst of pandemics and economic recession, they provide impressive profit margins and wealth preservation.

For investment purposes, there are many types of coins you can use. All of them are categorized in two distinct sections:

1. Bullion coins

2. Certified rare coins

Below you will find explanations for both categories.

Bullion Coins

These are modern coinages produced by governments with the intention to promote their gold sales. 22-arat American Eagles and South African Krugerrands are among the most popular bullion coins. Also, the Canadian Maple Leafs 24-karat and Austrian Philharmonics are in high demand. As these particular coins allow for quick profits in bull markets they are popular among many investors.

Certified Rare Coins

These are coins minted before 1933. In the united states they were produced as currency and the bulk of them were minted between 1850 and 1933. The $20 Saint Gaudens, $20 Lady Liberty and $10 Indian Heads are among the most popular ones. They serve for long-term investment and wealth preservation as they appreciate due to their numismatic value.

I hope this brief overview served to help you navigate an exciting and financially rewarding field. At RareXports we help you select the choicest coins for your purposes – get in touch today and let’s talk!

May 1, 2021

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