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Appraising your vinyl records

For those about to sell their record collection, the never ending stream of information on the internet can be really confusing. Sometimes, after a long search you feel none the wiser and you go away with a feeling you have waste a lot of time.

The most common question is, “is there a definite benchmark index that will give me information on the value of records?”. The answer to this question is a resounding “yes!”: The Record Collector book is a milestone for serious collectors. It’s published every two years and features a list of record values. The book is a excellently assembled book that can serve as a rough guide.

Professional vinyl dealers know that some artists and genres are more in demand than others. For example, Progressive Rock on vinyl has a huge following around the globe. Sometimes a record can be rare but not valuable. Items like that are difficult to sell at a high value.

Other points to consider include the condition of your records and whether they are originals or represses. The condition they are in is important too. Items with both the sleeve and vinyl in mint condition may fetch amazing prices. As a professional record dealer I am often get approached by people who have found a copy of what they believe to be the same copy as one that sold for big cash online. Often, I feel bad about having to disappoint them that their copy is not the same and worth nearly nothing. But then there are those cases where someone actually finds a true gem and make themselves a tidy profit selling it to us. It’s all possible and that’s the beauty of the record market.

If you have some records you’d like to sell and want to have them appraised, get in touch now!

May 3, 2021

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