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Top 5 Vinyl Record Cleaning Tips

Keeping your record collection is paramount when you want to retain its value.

The main issues affecting your collection’s value are caused by dust, which get stuck in the record grooves because of static. Here are five basic principles on how to clean your records.

Record Cleaning Tip 1. Clean your vinyl records often

You probably know the expression, ‘better figure it out now rather than later’. What it means is that being proactive is better than waiting for something to go wrong later and then acting on it. The applies to your valuable record collection. When you take great care your LP’s it will pay off plenty because you retain the value of your collection.

Record Cleaning Tip 2. Utilize a two-step approach

For the best outcome you should a mix of cleaning strategies. Using a cleaning liquid to eliminate the worst grime is the ideal choice. However, this is time consuming and only viable every couple of months. For a faster cleaning job a fast wipe-off with a microfiber cloth should do the job.

Record Cleaning Tip 3. Use the best-quality cleaning items available

As usual, you get what you pay for. The same holds true for vinyl cleaning tools. Since you have spent considerable money and time building your collection, however, you owe it to yourself to take excellent care of it. While less expensive cleaning tools do the trick, they don’t last and may even damage your vinyl. Please do not use common detergents and cheap household items as these are not suited to clean records worth thousands of dollars.

Record Cleaning Tip 4. Stick to brand names

As stated, mixing your own cleaning fluids for vinyl is a bad idea. It’s therefor best to stick to known brands that are made for the purpose of cleaning records.

Record Cleaning Tip 5. Clean your stylus consistently

There is no point have clean records if you run a dirty stylus on them. So, use a stylus cleaning liquid – simply inspecting the stylus with your eye is enough to tell you if your it needs cleaning.

May 4, 2021

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