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How to Protect Your Record Collection

Record collecting just refuses to die. Not only that, it enjoys new interest all the time, especially among connoisseurs and purists. Most of us have a record collection in the attic – it’s important to take good care of it.

Don’t worry: Caring for your record collection is easy.

It’s simple as a pimple. From collectors to record shops, there are a couple of things to protect records. The first thing is to make the right choice of case. You would be surprised at the value of some old Beatles records so be sure to care well for them. As all serious collectors know, caring for vinyl can make the difference between a solid investment and early ruin:

A number of rules for serious record collectors:

  • handle records with care
  • keep your collection clean
  • Store records in new inner sleeves
  • Use protective PVC sleeves
  • Store vinyl vertically and only loosely packed
  • Store them in a dry place
  • Always keep vinyl in a sleeve after use

How to select the right record sleeves

When picking the record sleeves, you have several options available to you.You could go for paper sleeves and clear plastic outer sleeves. Both are easy to get in the right sizes. If you are seriously into vinyl collecting you will see how your choice will make a big difference.

Take care of your collection before it’s too late

If you still like the experience of vinyl, it’s time to clean up your collection and house it in new pvc sleeves. If your collection is gathering dust in the attic, do your grandchildren a favor: Invest in professional vinyl care so they can experience the magic of vinyl one day.

Get sleeves from good suppliers

Make sure you get sleeves good suppliers, don’t skimp on quality. High quality record sleeves are available at good prices in bulk and there’s no excuse for not giving your collection the care it deserves.

May 15, 2021

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