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Record Collecting – History & today

Music on the run

Even though my hobby is old, I don’t (yet) feel like a dinosaur. I’m not stuck in time but more interested in history itself. History of recorded music, that is. Pressed music on vinyl, that is.

But let’s face it: vinyl is not practical way to enjoy usic when you’re on the move. I need music wherever I am. As the saing goes, “Music Is The Best”, and I have used every portable means to enjoy it as they have come along and disappeared over the years. From the walkman to the ipod, I liked them all. I still have countless compilation tapes I assembled from my fave singles tracks over the decades. And I had the mandatory Sony Walkman on which to enjoy them. Many are probably too young to remember, but back in the day I even I had a short romance with the legendary 8-track, but although sound was better than cassettes, it was cumbersome and bulky.

So, before digital downloads cd’s became the ideal format to complete aural fulfillment on the move. However, even early portable cd players were prone to problems of their own. One I had was apparently possesed by a demon that randomly played whatever tracks it felt in no order – no matter what buttons you pushed.

I have lost count of the of emails received where an digital lovers berate vinyl freaks. They urge them to bury their collections and accept that downloads are the way of the future. It’s usually a back and forth to no end.

Rather than throwing out the baby with the bath water, we should embrace all formats. They all have their place in today’s music world.

As you have probably gathered by now, I love my vinyl: when I hear that friends or family are about to sell their records, I immediately run over and help them get rid of it and give the platters a new home. But in frankness, I mostly listen to music on cds or online. But even though I have replaced my vinyl records with digital over the years, I still own a huge number on vinyl only.

In the end, what I’m trying to say is this. Music will never die. The formats will co-exist and supplement each other. Some vinyl will never be reissued on cd or digital, but by bringing the different technologies together, you will always improve your listening pleasure.

May 19, 2021

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