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Ptolemy II Gold Octodrachm Choice Very Fine 5x3 [Antique Coin]



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Ancient Egypt was known to be a country of remarkable wealth and prosperity and it is evident in their gold Octodrachms struck around 2,300 years ago. The Gold Octodrachm is the biggest gold coin ever struck in ancient times.

Egyptian Gold Octodrachms were struck in a few different designs over the years, paying homage to certain leaders of the empire. This particular coin is called the Dynastic Octodrachm, depicting the founders of the dynasty Ptolemy I and his wife Berenice I on the reverse. The obverse shows portraits of Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II.

Each coin contains just under an ounce of pure gold, which represented an enormous amount of wealth back then, and today too! Collectors are always impressed with the remarkable designs and heft of the Egyptian Gold Octodrachms. This particular example has been graded by NGC Ancients to be in a Choice Very Fine condition, making it somewhat affordable to collectors today versus a mint state example, for instance.