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$20 Liberty Gold MS-64 Quality [US Gold Coin]



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Today, the 1-oz. American Eagle is the largest gold coin made by the U.S. Mint. Prior to 1907, that honor belonged to the $20 Liberty which was made of .9675-oz. of gold, so old $20’s are like Gold Eagles from 100 years ago.

Many buyers of American Eagles and other modern bullion coins and bars find the big $20 Liberties an ideal complement as they offer the high-gold weight desired in addition to the added advantages of the Pre-1933 Gold market segment: • Undervalued compared to modern gold bullion • More private and more safety than modern bullion • Additional profit potential

In creating a Diversified Gold & Silver Portfolio, we specifically recommend Investment-Grade Pre-1933 U.S. Gold certified by the two trusted grading companies, PCGS and NGC. Their standardized grading scale applies the term “Mint State” (abbreviated MS) and numerical grades over 60 for uncirculated quality coins.

“Investment-Grade” is reserved for MS-63 to MS-66 rated coins. For a small premium over lower grades, these MS-64 $20 Liberties not only offer the desirable heavy weight and Pre-1933 vintage but add exceptional eye-appeal and a tighter supply that’s only one-quarter the supply of their MS-63 counterparts.