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Athenian Owl w/ Full Crest NGC CHAU 5x5 [Antique Coin]



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In the book entitled, The 100 Greatest Ancient Coins, the #10 highest ranked coin is the Athenian Silver Tetradrachm, commonly known at the Attica Silver Owl.

Struck over 2,400 years ago, these large 17 gram silver coins are each one of a kind and depict the goddess Athena on the obverse and an owl on the reverse. These coins were extensively circulated across the ancient empires for hundreds of years. What makes this particular coin special is the Full Crest designation…only 1.5% of all owls have a full crest, which refers to a fully struck head and helmet on the obverse of the coin. Because these were hand struck, the large design oftentimes would not be entirely on the coin.

Full Crest owls are significant rarities and this blast-white example is a stunner. Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.

Athens Silver Owl Tetradrachm NGC CHAU Choice About Uncirculated Strike 5/5 and Surface 5/5 with Full Crest