Why Collectors Should Use Monero

Why Collectors Should Use Monero

A brief overview of what Monero can do for you, your freedom and peace of mind.

Monero - Anonymous Payment Alternative

Secure & Anonymous Payments With Monero

As a specialty merchant, we believe in serving the client’s wishes. Nowhere is this more applicable than during checkout. By selecting Monero to pay for your order, you are guaranteed an addition layer of privacy and security. Your order will be processed just as if you paid with common Fiat money. If you are new to using innovative means of payment such as Monero, we have compiled the most important information on his page. If you have any questions, get it in touch today – we love hear from you.

What is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency that is more private and secure than for example Bitcoin. It was first launched in April 2014 and has since enjoyed a steady increase in popularity. While other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are easily traceable on the public blockchain, Monero ensures complete financial privacy.

It’s fast, private, and secure. When using Monero, you are essentially your own bank. You can spend your money safely without others seeing your balances or your activity.

In the current climate of increasing surveillance, you owe it to yourself to regain your privacy and protect your information and collecting passion.

Main Strengths

  • It’s a secured privacy coin
  • Transactions cannot be traced thanks to Ring signatures used
  • It’s highly secured by a decentralized cryptographic network
  • It has many more features that enhance privacy including Stealth One-Time addresses

The Difference Between Privacy & Anonymity

When using Monero, you can’t tell where a transaction originated from. So, if you’re like us and you don’t like big tech to spy on you and sell your data, you should consider using Monero. This makes it a fully anonymous means of payment. BItcoin, on the other is private in that your wallet’s address does not carry your name on it. In contrast to Monero, however, Bitcoin transactions can easily be traced on the publicly available blockchain.

Eventually, Bitcoin may very well lose this layer of privacy as well, depending on future developments and government regulations. That’s why you want to get used to the last refuge of anonymity and use Monero now.

How To Buy Monero

You can purchase Monero on most major exchanges such as Kraken and others. You can also buy Monero directly from other users on platforms so called P2P platforms.

Using Monero is as simple as bitcoin. You use one of the software wallets available online and go about your habits as usual. The difference is that Monero is much faster, cheaper to use and more secure.

Why Should Collectors Use Monero?

The reason is simple: it’s the currency of the internet. Despite voices to the contrary, Monero and cryptocurrencies as a whole are here to stay. It makes perfect sense to adapt your spending to better and faster alternatives. Moreover, as many collectors cherish their privacy Monero makes for the perfect means to build your collection. As your collection is worth significant amounts of money, you don’t want every bank and financial provider to trace exactly what you buy and for how much.

Whether your collecting activities are in fine art, comic books or trading cards – chances are pretty good that you spend more money on your passion than you want certain institutions to know. In the current climate of increasing surveillance, you owe it to yourself to regain your privacy and protect your information and collecting passion.

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